La Saint-Valentin

Happy Valentine’s Day! Today will involve the usual amount of romance for me and my husband (by which I mean none at all, as is explained in last year’s blog post), but I hope that others of you out there have exciting plans to spoil and be spoiled! I do have a ‘date’ to go out this afternoon to find my Chou-fleur’s first dress, which, for someone who always wanted a daughter, is about as exciting as life gets. I can’t wait!

Chomeuse with a Chou

Book of the day: Wuthering Heights

Valentine’s Day is not a particularly celebrated occasion in my household. As much as I enjoy tales of enduring love, aided and abetted by theatrical grand gestures and heroic sentimentality, where the most sophisticated performances cause tissues to be conjured from thin air and unsuspecting women to be transformed temporarily into pandas, I only slightly envy girlfriends whose partners have sacrificed a good deal of time and sanity into creating the perfect Valentine’s celebration. In truth I am not overly keen on being the centre of attention and feel easily flustered and uncomfortable (even in a crowd of two). My poor husband is positively allergic to the glare of the spotlight. In this one and only instance he is the master of subtlety (he is at all times the king of the understatement). If I were suddenly to perish I cannot for a moment…

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2 thoughts on “La Saint-Valentin

  1. Happy Valentine’s Day! I had forgotten it was today until I opened Facebook this morning and the first post I read was by my cousin “One week tom go. Last Valentine’s Day as a miss!” (My first thought was “better get her wedding card finished then” followed by “oh, is it the 14th already?”.)

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