Coucou – it’s me!

Bonjour et bienvenue!

I am a British stay-at-home mum, a chomeuse, to one small child (so far), my petit Chou, with a very patient Irish husband, two cats, three chickens (the ‘Coos’) and a duck.

We live together in a higgledy-piggledy old farmhouse in France (having relocated from our tiny appartement in beautiful Geneva back in 2014) where no two rooms in the entire house are on quite the same level…yet. We are planning on spending the next fifty years or so renovating it, by which time it will probably be too big for us and we’ll end up moving.

If you have stumbled upon my blog whilst on a journey to achieve enlightenment, and hope to be provided with pearls of wisdom during your brief rest here, I am afraid that you will be bitterly disappointed. I have absolutely no advice to offer, as I do not know the answers to any of life’s great questions (however, I am ready and willing, in my turn, to take any and all advice offered to me – although this does not guarantee that I will actually act upon it).

Instead, my intentions are to divert and to entertain – primarily myself, but hopefully also any other bloggers out there with a similar sense of humour. Other than occasionally whinging about the frequency of the dreaded grève in France I do not mean to write about anything terribly serious. All former hopes of marrying Mr. Darcy and living at Pemberley having come to naught (I couldn’t wait around any longer for a fictional character to show up at my door and whisk me away, happily ever after so I married my husband instead), I am fairly happy now to meander through life, wishing that my impish little Chou would stop growing up so quickly, drinking kir on the terrace in summer and reading as many of the classics as having a toddler who hates to sleep will allow.

Je serais ravie if you felt like dropping in and saying ‘Coucou!‘ at any time. I am usually around and about, pottering in the garden or putting of the DIY.

A bientôt, I hope!




Mots du jour:

Bienvenue! Welcome! chomeuse – unemployed female chou – French term of endearment for a small child, typically: ‘Il est trop chou!’ or ‘Quel p’tit bout de chou!’. Also a cabbage. Je serais ravie I would be delighted Coucou! Informal greeting (such as saying ‘Hiya!’ in English), normally used when addressing small children. Also a cuckoo. A bientôt! See you soon!

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