Flying toute seule

I have never been a particularly happy flyer. Despite having the laws of physics explained to me I cannot (and refuse to) understand why aeroplanes stay in the sky. I do not sleep well on the eve of a flight, dwelling, unwillingly, on any number of the aviation horror stories that have appeared in the news over the last few years. I pay particular attention … Continue reading Flying toute seule

Ça pousse – janvier: Crimes against horticulture

Book of the day: The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. I confess I am a monster. My inner Hyde has overpowered my outer Jekyll and I am, at last, awake to extent of my addiction. I am a pathological killer of plants. Despite beginning with honourable (and strictly scientific) intentions, my attempts at nurturing are always thwarted, and, after a perfectly acceptable … Continue reading Ça pousse – janvier: Crimes against horticulture

Nous recommençons: a new beginning

My text, this dreary Sunday afternoon, is taken from the second book of ‘The Railway Series’, chapter 2: ‘Thomas’s Train’ (I have just put my toddler to bed, in the hope that he might agree to nap today). It occurred to me, during my daily revision of that excellent work, that I ought probably to make some account of my eighteen-month absence from writing, after … Continue reading Nous recommençons: a new beginning

Ne touchez pas a ça!

Whilst compiling a list of things I should like to do to make 2018 a better year, and myself a better me, it did occur to me that perhaps there are some aspects of my life that are just right as they are, and with which I certainly oughtn’t to interfere. So, without further introduction, here are 18 things I resolve not to change this year: … Continue reading Ne touchez pas a ça!

Bonne Année!

18 resolutions for 2018 (with commentary from January 1st 2019): To write more and to attempt not to neglect this blog – again. Hmmmm…. the 7 month illness/DIY break wasn’t ideal BUT was better than my previous 18 month break so I’m writing this up as ‘progress’. To enjoy my son even more and to stop being upset that he is growing up too quickly and … Continue reading Bonne Année!