Bonne Année!

18 resolutions for 2018 (with commentary from January 1st 2019):

  1. To write more and to attempt not to neglect this blog – again. Hmmmm…. the 7 month illness/DIY break wasn’t ideal BUT was better than my previous 18 month break so I’m writing this up as ‘progress’.
  2. To enjoy my son even more and to stop being upset that he is growing up too quickly and currently has limited to no interest in crafts. Hooray, the anti-craft attitude has disappeared and this Christmas even nearly reached the limit of my crafting capacities (but not quite).
  3. To acquire a sitting room by fair means or foul (diggers should be arriving next month after over a year of waiting and saving). Holes were punched, both internally and externally; doors and windows were fitted; the concrete floor was tiled; and the Christmas tree was put up….who cares about the lack of insulation? That’s what jumpers are for.
  4. To turn 30 with good grace (after all, it is surely better to be turning 30 than not to be turning 30 at all). So far, so good.
  5. To go on more adventures, big and small! Still a work in progress, but we did make it to Menton and Monaco at Easter. 
  6. To pay more attention to my husband’s well-meaning wood burner tutorials. I am becoming a pro…if only he would pick a method he liked and stick with it.
  7. To enter (and win!) a terrarium building competition against same husband, the winner probably being determined by noting which terrarium takes longer to die. Completely failed to do this. To be added to next year’s project list.
  8. To waste less, to reuse more and to reduce plastic consumption. Making reasonable headway. Just need to find my compost bin again in my jungle of a garden.
  9. To read more Dickens and Trollope, failing which just to read more. Have continued with The Old Curiosity Shop (started in September 2017). Hoping to finish it at last this year!
  10. To begin and then to persevere with the first adventure of M. Maigret at least until I can proudly announce whodunnit, and hopefully to improve my French a little in the process. Read a couple of pages then promptly forgot about it…oops! Will try again this year.
  11. To stay in better and more regular touch with friends and family (2017 did not go according to plan and hiding away got far too comfortable). Sort of managed – at least was better than 2017.
  12. To become a jam and chutney making queen, and to have a fully operational cave in which to store it all. Chutney was made and is hanging out in semi-functional cave (suitably cold and accessible from kitchen, with some shelving, but in dire need of decorating).
  13. To prevent myself from developing a Brio train set addiction. Accomplished with much will power.
  14. To dwell less on the bad things and to find more positives. Also to remember that, however unlucky I feel I may be, there are millions, probably billions, of people having an even worse time, and who need looking after far more than I do. A work in progress but making headway. 
  15. To cross off at least 75% of my part of the DIY ‘To Do’ list for this year (the majority of which having been transferred from 2017’s ‘To Do’ list…oops). Welcome to 2019, 2017’s list! 
  16. To keep alive my indoor plants (particularly the avocado, lemon and pomegranate). Oh dear. Darling husband forgot to do the watering whilst I was lying ill in bed during the summer’s heatwave. All plants have met their maker.
  17. To drink much less coke and much more water. I hate water. Managed but with terrible cravings.
  18. To be tidier and to put elements of Marie Kondo’s excellent book The Life-changing Magic of Tidying into practice at last (the book in question having been found lurking at the bottom of a pile where I had abandoned it last year and not standing neatly in a bookcase, as Marie Kondo would, no doubt, have preferred). It’s never too late to try again…


I suppose, now that I have plenty to be getting on with, that I had better get started. First things first…to the washing up! Happy new year, world!


Mots du jour:

Bonne année! – Happy new year! Maigret – detective in the novels of Georges Simenon, who appears to be the Belgian equivalent of Agatha Christie, writing even more prolifically and over roughly the same time period cave – cellar



3 thoughts on “Bonne Année!

  1. Cheers to #5! (and #16, and #11, and #12…)
    A friend of mine successfully reduced her Coke intake by swapping it out for sparkling water. The bubbles made the difference.
    Good luck with your resolutions!

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