A quick word of caution – check your old posts!

Dear all,

Having been made nearly prostrate with horror yesterday at the discovery that my all-time favourite post (and hours of work) had inexplicably been replaced with that of another (when, in a moment of writer’s block, I opened it to reread for possible inspiration), I advise you all to check over any of your previous posts that you would be disappointed to lose.

I have absolutely no idea what happened – whether, through my technological failings, I caused my write-up of my family’s trip to Monaco to be entirely replaced by an account of my son’s birth (both of which were published a fortnight before my ‘history’ list tells me the edit was made), or whether there was just an unlucky glitch in the system. Luckily I was able to restore the post to its original state (through gambling with the ‘history’ of edits, choosing a revision to click on and hoping for the best), but it was a little disheartening to see that my hard work was on display for all of two weeks before it disappeared for seven months, and I would rather it didn’t happen to anyone else!

I will now be checking the rest of my blog to make sure that nothing else is masquerading under a false identity (which, fortunately, shouldn’t take long, given the seven-month break!), and I would advise you to do the same, just in case.

Making back-up copies would also probably be quite a good idea, something I always remember just too late (such as half way through my uni dissertation…).

14 thoughts on “A quick word of caution – check your old posts!

  1. You poor thing, thankfully you recovered it, it was my favourite of your blogs. It brought back a frantic evening spent re-typing your GCSE English coursework to your dictation after you inadvertently deleted it…

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  2. Gosh … making back ups sounds like a good idea. I did manage to delete half my book a couple of months ago which was a bit of a drama, but thankfully the Apple clever people managed to find it. Thanks for the reminder to back up!

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