30 choses à faire avant 30 ans

When I was still a youthful girl of twenty-five I assumed that I had years ahead of me to compile my (practically obligatory these days) list of exciting challenges to set and then cross off before the clock struck the stroke of 23.35 on a particular day in the far off future and I became cursed with instant and irreversible old age. I got as … Continue reading 30 choses à faire avant 30 ans

Sunshine Blogger Award

A couple of days ago I received such a lovely surprise when I found out that Becca from From my Lofty Hill (A.K.A Becca from Sunnybrook Farm) had nominated my blog as part of her contribution towards her own Sunshine Blogger Award post. I am delighted to have been nominated, never thinking, when I started writing, that anyone not comprising my gang of captive followers (my Mum … Continue reading Sunshine Blogger Award