M.E. Awareness Week

So It’s ME awareness week from the 7th of May to the 13th with ME awareness day being the 12th of May. I have struggled to know where to start with ME awareness which is kind of funny considering I manage to write a blog post about it every week. I’m taking you far into […]

via Hiding ME and Me — Seeing M.E In Reality

I have been reminded by my fellow blogger, Seeing M.E. In Reality, that this week is M.E. Awareness Week. Her blog is dedicated to spreading awareness and understanding of this often misunderstood illness, using examples from her own daily battle in a bid to help others. If you are struggling with M.E. yourself, or cannot understand why friends are suddenly disappearing off the radar, citing chronic fatigue as their ‘only’ excuse, please do pay her a visit. You will be well-rewarded for your trouble, as her blog is highly engaging, and will also be helping to promote the selfless endeavours of a lovely individual. It is surely a ‘win-win’ situation, so click away and feel good about yourself!

I have had what turned into M.E. since I was 17. It is completely vile – a crippling, soul-crushing and lonely illness that I wouldn’t even wish on my mother-in-law.

13 thoughts on “M.E. Awareness Week

  1. I had no idea, you do so much, with all the work round the house and with your Chou. So, well done, from someone who knows fatigue

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    1. Thanks. I do everything a little bit slower than I would have 12 years ago, but I know how lucky I am that I didn’t get it more severely. I am sorry that you have fatigue troubles too. You seem incredibly active yourself 🙂


    1. Well you should see my tip of a house…something has to give and I’m afraid it’s the housework 😉 I am very lucky not to have a more severe strain and I have a wonderfully supportive husband who didn’t even require me to work full-time even before we got married and had our chou (initially, when I moved in, penniless and job-hunting, my rent was a pudding a week!). Occasionally I even get a lie-in 😉

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      1. Oh, me too. Housework is the worst. Your excuse is that you are busy reading my share of the world’s books as well as your own…i always look forward to your “what I read” posts. There is clearly no time for housework on top of all that.


  2. I am sorry to hear you have to put up with such horrible condition. Constant fatigue can be a soul-draining blood-sucking vampireish thing, especially when there is little understanding or treatment for it.

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