Blogger Appreciation Award

My lovely new friends, An Irish Procrastinator and Becca, have both been kind enough to nominate me for a Blogger Appreciation Award. I am very grateful for their appreciation and I thoroughly appreciate both of their blogs in my turn. Between them they provide a sizeable chunk of my weekly reading entertainment, and are responsible for my new found knowledge of wonderful Dorothy Parker quotes … Continue reading Blogger Appreciation Award

Slip slidin’ away dans la neige

Book of the day: William the Outlaw, by Richmal Crompton In the infamous words of William Brown, outlaw and Indian chief, today we are ‘macarooned’. We are (not quite) cut off from the rest of the world by several inches of snow, which has fallen heavily for the past two days, and venturing further afield than the bottom of the drive requires chaînes à neige … Continue reading Slip slidin’ away dans la neige